Walpole Express


Dear parents & players,

We are currently in the process of being awarded USA Hockey Model Association status. This is a big deal. There are only 17 model programs in the entire country and none in New England -- this despite the fact that there are 157 youth programs in Massachusetts alone. That we will soon have Model Association status shows the confidence USA Hockey has in our organization.

Model Association status also allows us to certify coaches from across New England, in partnership with USA Hockey. Coaches this year have been visiting our rink to watch our teams practice, gaining insight into effective coaching techniques and learning new ways to develop players. Of course, we not only aim to certify new coaches, but ensure that our own coaches are of the highest caliber. To this end, every Express coach will soon attend an intensive clinic where they will discuss coaching techniques and philosophies, and receive practice plans and age-based skill development manuals, resources that will enable our coaches to provide exceptional instruction for every single player, at every level.

There are other exciting developments within our organization, as well. For example, we are implementing off-ice training for all teams. Players will take part in off-ice training designed to increase their agility, balance, and coordination on the ice. In addition, we are merging the NEH and Walpole Express programs to play under one name as the Walpole Express beginning next season. Presenting a unified program adds cohesiveness and greater stability to an already solid organization, as well as leverages the excellent relationship we have forged with USA Hockey. All of our Express teams (Mites-Midgets) will play within the Mass Premier Development Hockey League (MPDHL). Within the league at each age group, three levels are offered: Premier, Elite, and Select. The multiple levels provide for fair and balanced competition. We also will continue to operate our own Mite, High School Prep, and High School League.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from your Express organization!


Thank you,
Dana Borges