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1StopHockey Summer League
1StopHockey offers everything parents and players need in a single location. No more traveling around week-to-week and rink to rink like some other summer leagues demand. Have multiple kids in hockey? They can all play here as we have a spot for all players, all ages, and all levels at one location! 

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Why NEH?Northeast Elite Hockey is a well-established developmental youth league for players ranging from mites to high school. For more than 10 years NEH has remained true to it’s philosophy--to focus on developing players through practices and skills sessions overseen by experienced, professional coaches. The NEH model of two practices, one skills session, and one weekly game provides the optimal balance of learning and playing opportunities. Though many youth organizations have expanded the number of games played per season, typically at the expense of practice opportunities, it is NEH’s belief that the 3:1 ratio of practices to games allows young players to acquire and assimilate the skills needed to succeed in increasingly higher levels of the sport. Learn More

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