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Conor Dionne
Cameron Damaso
Ethan Lundsten
Hunter Gautieri
Matthew Anghinetti
Kaya Suner
Dylan Webber
Jake Albanesa
Nathan Nye
Teagan Stringfellow
John Mello
Matthew McClure
Kane Gautieri

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Game vs Blues (L 1-2) MVP(S): The Team
There are three things you can count on in life:

1) Death
2) Taxes
3) Reds playing a low scoring game

I'm a year older, and the heart is weaker. I had high hopes that this new version of the Reds would produce goals like Providence produces mayors with felonies. Guess not !!

Well, the Reds lost the opener 2-1 to a good Blues squad. Although we have a lot of work to do, we did have stretches of the game where we completely dominated the play. The boys seriously tried to work on some of the stuff we talked about in our practices. You could tell that we were a bit rusty as the passes were just off the mark.

Overall, I thought it was a good effort. We simply ran into a very good goalie who seemed to stop everything. Another good sign is that even down by two, the boys did not give up. We scored my favorite type of goal....a dirty, go to the net rebound. Conor Dionne started his first Bantam game off with a goal, assisted by Jake Albanesa and Teagan Stringfellow. All of our first year bantams played great and none seemed intimidated at all. We had a couple of opportunities with the goalie pulled, but just couldn't get the equalizer.

Another solid week of practice ahead and a date with the Bruins next !!

Game vs Bruins (L 2-1) MVP(S): The Team
Ground Hog Day - Deja Vu, whatever you want to call it, same ending two weeks in a row.

The Reds came out flying and physical(surprising because I don't think we even had one clean check in the first game). Similar to game one, the ice was tilted and we had a bunch of opportunities. We took a 1-0 lead on a very nice Jake Albanesa play around the defenseman with a nice shot(assisted by Nathan Nye. As physical as we were, we stayed out of the box the first period and had the Bruins frustrated.

After specifically telling the boys not to respond to anything, the Reds spent the next period in the penalty box. We did a great job killing penalties, but when opportunities arose, once again we could not put it in the back of the net. We will concentrate on attacking the net this week and getting into the dirty areas.

We didn't allow many shots on net, but Kane came up big when we did. Two mistakes cost us two goals and the last with 13 seconds left !! Credit goes to a solid Bruins team who didn't give up and an excellent game by their goalie.

This is the second game in a row where we had a significant advantage in offensive zone time, moved the puck well, and attacked. I told the boys, goal scoring is an attitude and not all goals need to be pretty. We need to start screening and attacking the net and the rest will fall into place.

0-2 is not the start we all "dreamed" of....but I really like the effort so far.

Another hard week of practice and we take on the undefeated Flyers next !!
Game vs Flyers (W 3-0) MVP(S): The Team

The Flyers came in undefeated on the young season and it was apparent why. They play a nice well coached style of hockey. It looked like another repeat of games one and two with no scoring in the first. I mentioned we needed to "learn" to score by getting into the dirty areas and attacking the rebounds. That's exactly how we scored the first goal. Cam Damaso took a shot from the high slot and Ethan Lundsten crashed in for the rebound goal.

The second goal came from a nice pass from Cam Damaso to John Mello on the point. John took a hard shot with a screen in front for the 2 goal lead. Lastly, Nathan Nye had a nice hustle play in the neutral zone to intercept the pass and took the puck wide on the defenseman and finished the play off with a nice shot for a 3-0 lead.

Kane Gautieri finally got rewarded for a great game in net with a win and a shut out. The Reds had to play short-handed with 10 players, but never stopped hustling. Special shout out to Conor Dionne who stepped up for the team and played a great game at defense.

We won this game, but again left a lot of opportunities on the table. Hard work at practice this week and hopefully we can keep the momentum going against the Sharks next week !!
Game vs Sharks (W 4-0) MVP(S): The Team
Kane was extremely "able" in Game 4 !! He had his second shutout in a row and needed a great glove save at the end to secure it.

The Reds team is starting to pick up on the things we work on every practice and it's showing on the scoreboard. Once again, we dominated stretches of the game, but did not have that killer instinct around the opponents net. The first period ended at 0-0 which is par for the course.

The lone goal in the second period came from Kaya Suner(first of the season) on a very nice cross ice wide pass from Matt McClure. We just worked on this Saturday !!

For the second game in a row, the Reds kept skating in the third period and extending the lead to 4-0. Ethan Lundsten scored for the second game I a row on a nice play from a hustling Kaya Suner. Next up was Jake Albanesa who received the puck from Teagan Stringfellow and sniped a shot top corner. Finally, Jake Albanesa won the faceoff, Hunter Gauteiri got the puck back to John Mello, who shot and scored for the second game in a row from the point.

Nice effort from the Reds. We need to work on passing accuracy, screening, and attacking the net this week in practice.

Next up : The Red Wings !!

Go REDS !!
Game vs Blues (W 6-2) MVP(S): The Team
What a difference a week makes. After laying an egg last with a short handed team, the REDS came to play this week. We were playing a tough Blues team that had already beaten us in the past.

We talked about getting the dirty goals again and 3 of our 6 goals came off rebounds from crashing the net. Nathan Nye had 2 goals and we also had goals from Dylan Webber, Matt McClure, Kaya Suner, and Ethan Lundsten. The assists on these goals included Kaya Suner(2), John Mello(2), Nathan Nye, Jake Albanesa, and Dylan Webber. Another solid game from Kane in net.

We did talk about sportsmanship at the end of the game because we got a few unnecessary penalties in the third period.

Overall, a very good effort. Our fore checking has been great and we will work even harder on this in practice. Defensively, we've been solid in our own zone, but need to make sure we are looking at all options on the breakout. We still focus on the strong side breakout too much. A nice 6-2 win.

We need better attendance at practices and more effort to keep improving !!

Go REDS !!
Game vs Bruins (T 1-1) MVP(S): The Team
Hard fought game played by two tough teams. The Bruins beat us last time with a late 3rd period goal and even though we only had 10 skaters this week, we wanted to even the score. That's exactly what we got, an EVEN score. It ended in a 1-1 tie. For most of this year, the Reds have won the time of possession battle, but the Bruins with solid physical play controlled the play for decent stretches of the game.

Once again, we were solid defensively. We haven't given up more than 2 goals yet in a game. Unfortunately, we regressed back to the team that doesn't attack the net and could only score one goal. The goal was a nice from Nathan Nye, assisted by Dylan Webber and Jake Albanesa.

We will concentrate on attacking the net again this week and clean up some of the sloppy play in our own zone. I look forward to another great week of practice.

Go Reds !!
Game vs Flyers (T 2-2) MVP(S): The Team
Wayne Gretzky said, "Hockey is a unique sport in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other and pulling in the same direction to be successful."

The Reds are moving in this direction, but still haven't gotten over the hump. Defensively, the Reds are solid and for the most part play excellent position hockey. We still need to work on the offensive side of the play and on the transition game. We also have to realize that getting penalties hurt the team even if they do not score. We spent 9 minutes short handed in this game with 0 minutes on the power play which we worked on for almost a full practice.

Goal scoring is an attitude and we need to start playing as a unit and attacking the net. The goalies are excellent every week, so we need to be more creative and as Wayne says, all moving in the same direction.

We played a very good Flyers team this week who played a very spaced out game using all of the ice. We got stuck bunched up a bit and need to work on keeping the weak side forward wide for an easy outlet in the neutral zone. The final score was 2-2 with all goalies playing great.

The Reds first goal was a tip in from Cam Damaso on a Matt McClure blast (LOW !!) from the point on a nice face-off win from Jake Albanesa. The second goal was scored by Conor Dionne on a great around the net pass to the slot from Hunter Gautieri. Both plays we work on tirelessly in practice and it was nice to see in the game.

The Reds need to step it up this week in practice and start showing that team unity we talk about all year.

Go REDS !!
Game vs Sharks (L 0-1)
The Reds lost a tough one yesterday, 1-0. We had a goal called back with "video proof" again that it shouldn't have been, we lost one of our most improved, hardest working players Matt Anghinetti early in the game to a broken arm on a questionable hit, and simply couldn't score even with tons of solid opportunities.

That's hockey folks !!! The Sharks goalie was simply amazing Sunday. He made great save after great save and truly deserved the win. The Sharks team survived a Reds onslaught for long stretches and never gave in. I give their whole team credit for sticking together.

Rarely, can you say after scoring zero goals that you are proud of the way your team played, but the boys really passed the puck well. We have been pushing moving the puck quickly to the weak side of the ice and moving our feet to get open and we did an excellent job. Our fore check was relentless and we had Sportscenter type back checking which tells me the boys want to win !! We still haven't allowed more than two goals this season. This is a direct result of great goaltending, great defense, and solid positioning. We just need to learn that it's OK to score !!

This week, we will focus on PP, shooting, and attacking the net. Getting to the "dirty areas" !! When goaltending is this good, you need to earn the goals, work for it !!

Go REDS !!
Game vs Red Wings (W 3-0)
Reds best game of the year !! The boys are really starting to buy into the transition game and quick movement with the passing game. The fore check was relentless in this game and it really helped bottle up some very talented Red Wings players. As is the case with all NEH goalies, the Red Wings goalies played great and held us to 3 goals. The Reds on the other hand continued their solid defensive play as well. Kane had another shutout and Kaya Suner filled in nicely for the injured Matt Anghinetti on defense.

Conor Dionne scored a nice goal to start it up with assist from Nathan Nye and Cam Damaso. Nathan then scored his team leading 5th goal of the season with assist from Cam and Jake Albanesa with hard work in the corner. The last goal was scored by Hunter Gauteiri on a nice individual effort to steal the puck from behind the net and wrap it around for the third and final goal. Although the Reds are only playing with 11 players right now, their unselfish play and high level of effort is nice to watch. We need to make sure that we limit the number of penalties we take. We have a great team but untimely penalties can make the difference in wins and losses. We also need to work on picking the correct player to pass to while moving the puck as we forced a few during the game, but we are starting to come together as a team. Hard work in practice is starting to pay off !!

Go Reds !!
Game vs Blues (W 2-1)
Sometimes you just have to grind a game out....the REDS were sloppy for two periods and a couple timely saves by Kane kept the game scoreless. After three straight solid efforts by the REDS, we clearly took a step back on Sunday. The Blues play a solid positional game and with the Reds running around, it allowed the Blues to create a few opportunities. Our fore check was weak in the first two periods as well.

We were able to pick up the effort level on the fore check in the third and a nice cycle play between Ethan Lundsten, Jake Albanesa and Nathan Nye allowed Nathan to step out in front and slide one past the solid Blues goalie. A few minutes later, John Mello intercepted a clearing pass from the Blues defender and took a hard low shot which was deflected in by Jake Albanesa for a 2-0 lead. The feisty Blues team scored with the goalie pulled to get to 2-1, but the REDS held on for the victory.

We need to pick up the intensity if we want to keep the winning streak alive. The Reds have still now allowed more than 2 goals in a game this year, but we cannot take two periods off and expect good teams like this to not capitalize in the future.

We need a good week in practice !!

Go REDS !!
Game vs Red Wings (W 4-1)
The Reds are finally starting to learn to use the whole ice. I think puck movement and unselfish play is starting to become a habit verses a "have to". We started out flat and allowed some Red Wing opportunities early. Coach Dave gave a stirring speech in the middle of first, "Come on boys, you look flat". It almost brought me to tears. Coach Dave is one step from being the next Herb Brooks.

We are getting scoring from everyone on this team. The first goal was a nice outlet in our zone from Nathan Nye to Jake Albanesa, who simply out skated the defense and fired one home. The second goal was a laser from Dylan Webber who received a nice pass in the slot from Cam Damaso. The third goal was from Hunter Gauteiri who received a pass from Jake and put it home. Lastly, Nathan Nye plugged one home after receiving the puck from John Mello.

Defensively, we still haven't allowed more than two goals in a game all year, so needless to say we have been solid. Kane had to make some big stops, especially in the first and was up to the task.

We will work on passing this week as we missed a few opportunities because of sloppy passes or missed passes.

Let's work hard this week and keep the momentum !!

Go Reds !!
Game vs Blues (T 0-0)
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakkah, and have a jolly whatever else you celebrate !!

Reds played the Blues this week and simply couldn't score on the Blues goalie. What a great game he played !! The Reds carried the play for the first two periods, but the Blues never gave up and had multiple opportunities in the third to take the lead. Our goalie stepped up and made some nice saves.

Reds need to crash the net and get more traffic in front. All of the NEH goalies are good and we need to learn how to score. This is our second 0-0 tie this year.

Looking forward to the tournament !!

Go Reds !!